CELIDE 2 Countertop washbasin. 102x42x10 cm

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    Washbasin to be placed on countertop. It is a wash of authentic Binissalem stone made by hand with the traditional techniques of Mallorca. It is a unique piece of stone that stands out for its resistance, elegance and durability.
  • Noble and durable material
  • 100% natural stone
  • Perforated according to European standards
  • Mallorcan tradition
  • < li> Unique piece
  • Hand carved
  • Sustainable material, very low energy consumption
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Material: Binissalem stone

Measurements: 102x42x10 cm < / span>

Front Finish: Paved

Side Finishes: Bush Hammered

Finish Back: Smooth

Weight: approx. 104 Kg.

Interior measurements: Left edge to breast: 28 cm; right edge: 28 cm; rear edge: 4 cm; front edge: 7 cm.

Basin: 46x30 cm

Distance from edge to center of drain: 11.5 cm


Clean with A soft cloth dampened with water and, if necessary, a non-abrasive cleaner.

DO NOT use abrasive products, scouring pads, pointed or sharp objects that could scratch the surface of the sink.

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